agent – noun

    1 a person who acts on behalf of another, in particular a person who manages business, financial, or contractual matters for an actor, performer, or writer.
    2 a person or thing that takes an active role or produces a specified effect: agents of change | bleaching agents. a person who obtains information for a government or other official body, typically in secret : a trained intelligence agent | KGB agents | an FBI agent.

    Formerly RDA Partners, rdAGENTS, an enhanced membership of the Rice Design Alliance, is a vibrant group of young professionals from diverse careers and backgrounds who champion the built environment in Houston through special events and community activities.

    As a network of individuals invested in the future of Houston, rdAGENTS are just that: individual agents of change who take it upon ourselves to make a difference. With our fingers on the pulse of today’s evolving state of design, rdAGENTS nimbly reflect the knowledge and resources enabling us to highlight fresh talent, advocate design, and build meaningful relationships.

    rdAGENTS provides an opportunity to enhance any young professional’s level of RDA membership with the addition of exclusive invitations and discounts to rdAGENTS events, along with networking and design enrichment.

    For more information, visit the RDA Partners archive. To join rdAGENTS please complete and submit our membership application.